Monday, March 22, 2010

What's In Thar?

Whenever you drag home a piece of green, there's really now way to tell what the inside will look like without just diggin' into it.

Take this piece of Cherry I got from my new pal, Lou Maxon.

He's thinning some property before building a new home there, and invited me out to have a look around. This was the biggest thing I could find that wasn't rotten. Or, was it?

The shallow half, a nice crotch piece, is gonna work out fine.

The half with the pith; not so much. (insert dirty word here...) The dark spots are soft enough to dig your fingernail into. Seems the base of the 35ft. Cherry tree was staring to rot from the inside out.

And, I could have cut the bad parts off and settled for a shallowed bowl, but, well, let's be honest -- I'm greedy. I want a bigger bowl, plain and simple.

So, rather than just chuck it, I decided to soak the really soft spots with CA glue and let the rest dry naturally. So, we shall see.

It'd be nice to hand Lou back a little something from his land in a year or so. Fingers crossed.

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